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Our goal is to create and share interesting and relevant learning resources in areas critical to long term sustainability and equity.

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CZITT is a non profit organisation involved in awareness and advocacy leading to action to combat climate change and promote sustainability.

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The young people will inherit a world far different from the one we knew - and spoilt. They will make the change and influence others.

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Our platform offers Caribbean-focused content and resources on the theme "Education for Sustainable Development". We have a heavy bias to young people who are going to experience the worst effects of climate change. CZITT created and curated thousands of video lessons for secondary schools students and those interested in Sustainability.


CAPE Exam Prep

We cover the Complete Syllabus in 25 Parts. Self paced with our support.


CAPE Free! Learning Resources

CAPE students, we are here for you. We have 500 video based lessons for CAPE/ Advanced Level Secondary schools. Click on the subject titles to go to their pages and enroll.


Supporting our students

We offer support in these challenging times - post pandemic and in the era of climate change.


Sustainability Matters

A curated set of resources answering - What causes climate change, and what can we do about it?

The Institute

The Carbon Zero Institute of Trinidad and Tobago, CZITT (Pronounced “Seize it”) was founded in 2016, following the Paris Agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. The Founder, Donald Baldeosingh, is an electrical engineer and social entrepreneur who served as Chair of Petrotrin, the national oil company of Trinidad and Tobago.

He recognised the immense challenge involved in decarbonising the country’s and Caribbean region’s energy matrix. He also saw the threat of climate change to the Caribbean as Small Island Developing States. Hence he started CZITT with a mission to raise awareness and create action in the fight against climate change.

Our vision is for Trinidad and Tobago to be a carbon neutral country and a leader in sustainable practices.  CZITT targeted secondary schools where we continue to engage with the next generation of leaders, the ones who future generations will depend on to do things better. CZITT partners with schools, corporations, state sector and other civil society organisations in practical projects to reduce and offset carbon emissions.

In early 2020, CZITT moved from being an Initiative to an Institute, in order to add more focus on Research and Partnering, and to expand operations elsewhere in the Caribbean. Immediately following our name change, the world was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic, one outcome of which was that schools in the Caribbean were closed. This affected more than 600,000 secondary school students in the Caribbean. CZITT quickly responded to the void created in education by creating this Platform which we believe will help define the future of Caribbean education. Please use and share.

His  Excellency Justice Anthony Carmona SC ORTT

Fifth and Former President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,
Patron of CZITT

“I have faith in what CZITT is doing. Because you are invoking in fact a force, an army, that will not surrender. And I am talking about our children.”

Messages from the Leadership Team

This e-learning platform will be an important feature of the delivery of learning resources for the Caribbean for years to come. We are happy to be part of the development.
Donald Baldeosingh
Founder and Chairman
Having been in training for more than half a century, I am so pleased to see and be part of this (r)evolution.. This E-learning platform is a timely and creative addition to the development of education in the Caribbean for the future
Grace Talma
Member, Board of Directors
CZITT believes in sustainability, and is partnering for Sustainability Goal #8 Education through technology. E-Learning is our platform
Prem Nandlal
Head, Advisory Board
The world is not standing still and particulary in the post COVID-19 era, we must embrace the new. I recommend all students take advantage of what we have built for them.
Claudette Pustam
Member, Advisory Board

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